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If you are an experienced, Recruiter or Business Developer, you may be asking yourself: “Why am I doing this job?”

Indeed, many excellent and talented people become frustrated with the target hard-sell approach of some recruitment companies. They become bored with the seemingly endless wheel of KPIs that commoditise recruitment. They lose faith in an industry for which they once had a passion because of the approach followed by most of the recruitment firms

Here at HR India Solutions, we see the bigger picture. Of course, we are a commercial business and we must never forget that. But we believe that the earnings will come if the business is good.

  • We want people who understand we make our own magic in the world of recruitment.
  • We want people who approach the world with a beginner’s mind and are open to learning new things
  • We want people who still get excited about small wins even when the big ones happen
  • We want people who enjoy the journey as well as the destination
  • We want to work with you because you care about your candidates, and because you want your clients to be overwhelmed with the brilliance of your service.
  • We want people who believe in magic

If this is you, and you have a substantial recruitment background, we want to talk to you!
Send your CV directly to us / call us at following
Mob No. : 9999788572