consultingOur Consulting practice focuses on designing and developing HR policies, Strategies & tools to enable our partners to have a progressive and robust HR processes & systems in place.

We seek to partner our clients to enhance productivity levels. Our exposure across industries and locations, domain expertise and a passion to collaborate and add value enables us to offer consulting in some of the domains like

Consulting For Start ups

HR Process outsourcing with HR India Solutions helps an organization to build a a robust HR process from the beginning, as a part of the Outsourced HR measures, we take complete ownership for all HR systems, activities, processes, practices, initiatives, and most importantly decisions taken in managing the HR function for the client.

1. Defining & focussing on core HR Activities
2. Developing device for ThinkTank.
3. Devising & implementing Cost Control Measures
4. HR Operational Control
5. Flexibility in Staffing
6. A “TRUE” HR partner
7. Business Continuity & Risk Management.
8. Intensive Succession Planning Tools.

Consulting For Established business

1. Competency Mapping
2. Developing HR SOP’s & Policies.
3. Performance Management System ( PMS Design & Implementation )
4. Compensation Surveys
5. Employee Satisfaction Survey
6. Recruitment process consulting
7. Leadership Trainings

We follow an interactive approach in our consulting business which helps us in understanding our client’s vision well, enabling us to have synergy in our thought process.

This results in an acceptance of our findings and recommendations enabling our clients to implement the same with the few transitional issues and makes the process smooth.

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